Banking Management School


Banking Management School was founded in 2015. During this short period of time, the company has managed to earn the trust of both students and partner organizations as well. Approximately 100 students have managed to find jobs thanks to BMS trainings. The companys main activities are mainly divided into three major part:

  • Education (local and international trainings designed both for newly-graduated students and specialists seeking promotion and professional growth as well.) The unique feature of BMS is that actual and applicable courses are taught here while specialists teaching in the school are not only experienced tutors but also specialists holding senior positions in the fields and areas of subjects they teach
  • Consulting (business, marketing and HR consulting)
  • Research (public opinion analysis; employee engagement surveys; market researches, NPS, mystery shopping, etc.)

Numerous students have already joined the ranks of employees of the leading companies.

When you love the work you do and it becomes the source of income as well you can say that you are a happy person.

Get knowledge, build your future