Employee engagement and performance survey

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The Banking Management School in cooperation with the Dutch "Human Research" company starts the process of launching employee engagement and performance surveys in Armenia.

The "Human Research" company of the VU University of Amsterdam Human Research has already been conducting employee engagement and performance surveys for 12 years among about 17000 employees from 40 organizations in more than 12 countries (Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries). Head of the company Dr. Kilian Wawoe had been holding different leading HR Management positions for many years in the Netherlands, Monaco, Belgium and India. He held leading position at ABN-AMRO Bank of the Netherlands in the Human Resources Management field and was a chief partner of the bank for the Western and Southern Europe. In 2010 he received Ph.D. from the VU University in Amsterdam. Currently, he is working at the VU University of Amsterdam and US Webster University as a professor. He lectures in 6 languages. If you follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg4Z_SG8IR4 , you can find one of his trainings presented at TEDx in English.

Why conduct surveys?

Every month we have to pay salaries to our employees while some of them don't perform well enough. There are companies where the number of employees, who don't perform well, is large enough and employers lose much money every month as a result, paying their salaries and demotivating other employees who perform well and who believe they are treated unfairly and see no value in working effectively, which is risky as they can also join the ranks of those who don't perform well.