Banking industry training

Course description

The “BANKING MANAGEMENT SCHOOL” LLC launches the banking industry training.
Course Topics

  • Banking regulations
  •  Banks and their types
  • Types of loans and principles of lending
  • Loan granting terms and conditions
  • Loan granting procedures
  • Credit scoring
  • Credit monitoring
  • Management of non-performing loans
  • Correspondent accounts
  • Applied transmission formats for banks
  • Bank guarantees
  • Documentary collection
  • Letters of credit
  • Types of plastic cards, plastic cards operations
  • Types, servicing and maintenance of bank accounts
  • Foreign currency exchange operations
  • Communication skills
  • Securities operations
  • Underwriting
  • Safe depositing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Types of bank deposits
  • Attraction of deposits procedure
  • Compensation of deposits. Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Risk management in banks, credit risk management
  • Market risk management
  • Liquidity and operational risks management


Start date:5 June 2017
End date:19 July 2017

Training days:
Deadline: 2017-06-03
Price: 50000
Application process

Those wishing to participate in the training can submit their CVs via email address until the mentioned deadline (please, type the name of training in the subject field) or fill in the form at our website. Banking Management School staff will contact you as soon as the application deadline passes.

The training will be presented by the best specialists in the banking field. All participants of the training will get Certificates of Participation in the training while those who will pass the training assessment test effectively will get the Certificates of Distinction and will be invited to an interview.

The training can also be taken online