Accountant-cashier training

Դասընթացի նկարագիր

The “BANKING MANAGEMENT SCHOOL” LLC launches the training for accountant-cashiers

Դասընթացի թեմաներ

  • Financial responsibility agreement
  • Basic provisions of the law of the Republic of Armenia “On Accounting”.
  • Accounting in banks and bank regulation
  • International accounting standards
  • Assets and liabilities management in banks and its description
  • Bank account management and account maintenance
  • Operations with plastic cards
  • Presentation of the main rules of the Regulation 9 on “Cash operations carried out by banks operating in the territory of the Republic of Armenia”
  • Organization of cashier’s workspace, cashier’s rights and duties at working hours
  • Organization of the evening cash operations and end of day balancing of cash register
  • Law of the Republic of Armenia on “Payment and Settlement Systems and Payment and Settlement Organizations”
  • Procedures of payments through SWIFT payment system
  • Law of the Republic of Armenia on “Combating money laundering and terrorism financing”
  • IT security
  • Sales skills 

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