Credit Specialist / Economist Training Course

Դասընթացի նկարագիր

The LTD launches Credit Specialist / Economist Training

Դասընթացի թեմաներ

  • Principles of lending:
  • Loan Terms:
  • Loan Provisioning Process:
  • Borrowers' Assessment (Income, Cost; Balance Cash Flows)
  • Borrowers and Loan Monitoring
  • Problem Loans Management (Business, Mortgage)
  • Nominal and actual interest rates
  • Basics of Macroeconomics:
  • Basics of microeconomics
  • Market Risk Management:
  • Risk Management in Banks, Credit Risk Management
  • Liquidity risk management, operational risk management
  • The law of the financial ombudsman
  • Consumer credit law
  • Composition and Structure of Financial Statements;
  • Basic Prudential Norms of Banking and Credit Organizations Activities:
  • Future Value, present Value; IRR
  • Swot Analysis)

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